Steampunk Ambiance

Turn your computer screen or tablet into an ambient soundscape aboard the airship “SkyShadow”.


Tap in a tempo. or click. Know your heart rate quickly!


Simple HTML Web MIDI sound maker for when you don’t want to launch your big software.

Ambient Sound System

Minimalistic ambient sound player

Interesting natural atmospheric soundscapes for any application.

This can be used without restriction in any application. All sounds were sourced from
You may: download, translate, fix, use, remix, improve, sell, or do anything you want with this. You can even add it to your phone’s home screen!

The Story: I was building a Tiki Bar in my basement. Since it is in a basement, it lacks the ambiance of being outdoors on a beach. I have 7 small speakers and made some custom mixes (most notable the “bird”) that really help with the immersion. The volume sliders don’t work on iOS. That’s not my fault… that’s how iOS rolls (as of Version 12.3).

Older Versions: /amb/   /amb2/   /amb3/

Audio Spectrum Visualizer

The Story:  I was producing music in a new style, and needed a new video style to match. I’d done some videos of audio spectrums in the past, but I wanted something a little nicer and simpler. There were a couple online places that would do this – but they were expensive, slow (you upload and wait for a file), and busy-looking. So, I cobbled together this simple fast one. It doesn’t give you an mp4 file, but you can do a screencapture to a movie with OBS.


Minimalistic Audio Spectrum Visualizer 

  • Wide Colorful Spectrum Bars
  • Configurable Text
  • No instructions for use – you figure it out.

Dusts and Reflections Audio Spectrum Visualizer 

  • Upload your own background image
  • Reflected Spectrum Bars
  • Dynamic dust effect
  • Configurable Text
  • No instructions for use – you figure it out.

Slow Art: Starfields

Starfield exampleStar1 Left to right. Small Stars

Starfield exampleStar2 Zooming. Small stars

Starfield exampleStar3 Left to right. Larger Stars