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On or about the morning of July The Second, 2019, I needed to get some videos up on YouTube. I usually do "piano roll" visuals, but these new pieces of music were very very boring looking.

The plan was to install an audio visualizer, and upload the video from that, after I put a text overlay on it in iMovie.

There are audio visualizers out there. Mostly for live DJing and house party background projections. I wanted a simple reactive "eq" looking thing... with some info text.

There were also some web sites that did visualizations for you, but they cost too money, had poor compression artifacting, and were all too complicated looking.

So I made this web utility, based heavily on this script: Thanks!

How to Use This

1) Choose your audio file.
2) Set your display text.
3) Pick a color theme and font.
4) Launch your favorite screen recording application. (not included)
5) Hit play, and watch the fun!


Bug fixes. More than one resolution. Light color schemes. Background image upload. Font size and position controls.

Maybe do a sine wave minimalistic visualizer?